Telekom is giving away data volume: This is how you secure the small data snack

Telekom is giving away data volume: This is how you secure the small data snack

Deutsche Telekom will be generous again in February 2022 and will give selected customers 500 MB of data volume. You can easily secure the free data volume via the MeinMagenta app and give yourself some breathing space.

Telekom is giving away 500 MB of LTE data volume

Mobile data volume is still an expensive commodity in Germany - especially at Telekom. It is all the nicer when the German mobile operator puts on the generous pants and provides free data volume. In February 2022, selected customers will receive 500 MB free of charge. It's not a lot, of course, but you don't refuse a small gift if you don't have to do anything for it, apart from picking it up in the MeinMagenta app.

This is how you get the data volume:

Download the MeinMagenta app for Android or iPhone. Sign in with your Telekom account. Go to "View Gift" and redeem. 500 MB LTE data volume will then be credited.

The free data volume is used up first after activation. Only then will the data volume included in the contract be used. If you don't want to install the MeinMagenta app on your cell phone, you can probably get the gift from the Telekom website. You can get all further details about the campaign from Telekom (look at Telekom).

This is how you can find out whether a tariff is really worth it:

Who gets the free LTE data volume from Telekom?

All Telekom customers with a mobile phone contract that has a minimum contract term and data volume, as well as prepaid customers, can take part in the campaign and secure the 500 MB. The following customers are excluded:

Business tariffs Pure data tariffs Combi cards Family cards Mobile phone tariffs concluded before 2011

The campaign runs in February 2022. The data volume cannot be taken over the next few months. The 500 MB LTE data volume can be spread over the whole month. If you only have a small data volume from Telekom anyway, you will certainly be happy about the buffer. Further actions could follow in the coming months. In the meantime, such actions seem to have become almost normal, which pleases many customers.


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