Telegram 8.5 is here, bringing video stickers, improved chat navigation and more

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Telegram might not have the massive user base that WhatsApp can lean on, but it's certainly far more feature-rich. The messenger gets better with every single update, and so Telegram 8.5 brings a whole range of improvements, as shared on the Telegram blog. There are video stickers, better reactions, and new navigation options.

The most notable new feature is probably the video stickers. True, Telegram can boast that its own stickers are among the most efficient and high-quality options. Telegram 8.5 adds support for converting regular videos to stickers, which makes it possible to create custom stickers in any video editing program. These creations can be published via the @Stickers bot.

Message reactions were first introduced in Telegram 8.4, and a version later, the company further optimized the system. For one, there are now more compact animations for the reactions, although you can still see the old animations when you press and hold an emoji.

The reactions are now also synchronized with the recipients, ie they also see the animation as soon as you press the button. Reactions now even have a read status, as they're often used for polls, replies, and consents, so it's helpful to know if someone has seen them or not.

The update also added five new reactions: 🥰, 🤯, 🤔, 🤬, and 👏, making it even easier to communicate using just emoji. These five emoji are also available as new interactive stickers. So if you send a single one of them to a private chat, you can tap them to send a synchronized effect to your chat partner.

Telegram has additionally gained the option to jump through the navigation history, similar to how Chrome on desktop displays the recent history when you hold down the back button. This is a nice addition for those of us navigating through channel discussions and bots.


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