MediaMarkt Outlet: Remaining stock with a discount of up to 70% – how good are the offers?

MediaMarkt Outlet: Remaining stock with a discount of up to 70% – how good are the offers?

Everything has to go – MediaMarkt has set up an online outlet for remaining stock and individual items, where bargain hunters can go on a treasure hunt. We took a closer look at the rest of the electronics store and revealed what you can buy there and whether you really save money.

The MediaMarkt "Last Chance" outlet in detail

Not only your local stores, but also online shops have to clear their warehouses regularly to make room for new goods. So does MediaMarkt – but what only a few people know: The electronics specialist store has a well-hidden section on the website for discontinued goods and individual items, where new bargains can be found regularly. In the MediaMarkt "Last Chance Outlet" there are remaining items with a discount of up to 70 percent.

MediaMarkt Outlet in the test: How good are the offers really?

We took a closer look at the current remaining stock and compared the reduced prices with those of other providers. Many of the advertised products were not particularly cheaper than the competition, but one or two bargains can definitely be found, such as an OLED TV from Xiaomi, a Philips hair remover and various refrigerators.

In contrast to the warehouse deals on Amazon, which are also interesting for price-conscious buyers, the MediaMarkt Outlet only offers new goods without missing accessories. Also interesting for bargain hunters: Membership in the MediaMarkt Club is free and offers customers various advantages, and the first time you register for the newsletter, you get a 10-euro voucher for free.

MediaMarkt: outlet campaigns with even more savings potential

The MediaMarkt Outlet works according to the principle "what's gone is gone", in other words: the remaining stock range is constantly changing because the prices are being drastically reduced. However, the quantities are very limited and therefore usually sell out quickly. It is therefore advisable to check in regularly and compare prices.

In addition, MediaMarkt sometimes organizes outlet campaigns in which the price of remaining stock is reduced again in order to finally clear the warehouse. Such clearance campaigns usually take place for a few weeks in the summer to make room for the electronics innovations of the following autumn.

MediaMarkt Outlet: Is bargain hunting worth it?

If it doesn't have to be a brand new smartphone, MacBook or other product and you'd rather save a few euros instead, the MediaMarkt Outlet is definitely interesting. Above all, discontinued models from Apple, Sonos and other price-stable brands can sometimes be found among the remaining items, sometimes well below the manufacturer's non-binding retail price. However, if you have discovered something, you should not take too much time with the purchase decision, because it is often a one-off or very limited product that can be sold out quickly.


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