Google Maps: This feature will help you save money

Google Maps: This feature will help you save money

Anyone who likes to drive a lot has to cope with ever increasing prices for petrol and diesel. Google is responding to the trend and is integrating a feature into Google Maps that allows you to save money by driving a route that uses less fuel. This can also be a good option for e-cars.

Google Maps introduces navigation to save fuel

Sometimes you just have to drive a slightly different route to noticeably save fuel. With the help of artificial intelligence and taking many factors into account, Google is now launching a new navigation system that suggests a fuel-saving route on Google Maps . You can use the extended display to see directly based on your route how much fuel you would save if you drove a different route and how much more time it would take (source: Google). Google shows how this works in this video:

In the future, you will continue to see the gray routes as alternative routes, but you will now also see a small sheet showing that this route can be driven particularly sparingly. At the same time you can also see how much fuel can be saved compared to the other route and whether it would be worth the extra time you need to do it.

Since Google Maps basically observes and analyzes all traffic in real time, you can also see different routes at different times, even if you always have the same destination. If you stick to the route, you can save a lot of money over the year . Of course, Google also wants to protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

New feature from 2022 in Google Maps

The new function started straight away in the USA and has already been activated in Google Maps. This year the feature will also come to Europe . We don't know an exact date yet. In the future, this could not only save money for normal cars, but also for e-cars if the most efficient route is taken. So all sides win here.


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