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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro 2 specs verified by Google listing

Samsung's upcoming rugged smartphone, known as the Galaxy XCover Pro 2, has had some of its specs confirmed in the Google Play Console. And oddly enough, the device could launch as the Samsung Galaxy XCover 6 Pro. The Google entry confirms that the upcoming Galaxy XCover Pro 2 will feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset and 6GB of RAM. The display has a resolution of 2,408 x 1,080 pixels and a pixel density of 450ppi, suggesting the panel is smaller than 6.5″. Google also calls this device the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro 2, so the final name doesn't seem to have been decided yet. Either way, the upcoming rugged Galaxy smartphone runs Android 12 and One UI 4.1, . Sources): MySmartPrice The post Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro 2 specifications confirmed by Google entry appeared first on xiaomist's blog .

{Disarmed} 23 tips to get started with your Xiaomi air fryer (and a trick to get the perfect croquettes)

23 tips to get started with your Xiaomi air fryer (and a trick to get the perfect croquettes)

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L has become one of the most popular air fryers on the market. It is clear: cooking with up to 80% less fat compared to a normal fryer is always an advantage. Of course, although they call it an air fryer , once you get "the point" you can make dishes with it that you used to prepare with an oven, grill, fryer, steamer, yogurt maker and even with the microwave.

So, if you want to get the most out of your model, here are a handful of tips to take advantage of every last drop (but not oil).

23 tips to get started with your Xiaomi air fryer

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  1. Reheat the bread or food from the previous day using the appropriate program or turning it on and, manually, setting it to 50ºC for 10 minutes. You will achieve crispier textures than reheating in the microwave.
  2. Except in the preparation of some pre-frozen fries, add half a glass of water at the bottom of the basket , under the silicone plate. In this way you will facilitate the cleaning of the bucket , preventing the fat from sticking to the bottom. You will not cause smoke and meat and fish will be juicier.
  3. For meats we recommend using a probe thermometer (kitchen), so you will know the temperature at all times in the exact center of the food.
  4. If you want to remove the skin from vegetables such as peppers or tomatoes, cook them at 200ºC for 7-8 minutes and it will be much easier.
  5. You can also cook eggs without using water , you just have to put them in the basket at 130ºC for 12 minutes —although, depending on the caliber of said eggs, it may take 10 or 15 minutes to have them ready—.
  6. Oh, and you can even dehydrate fruits such as orange slices, strawberries or bananas : put the slices on the basket, without a rack, and keep them for 15 minutes at 60ºC. Now turn them over and another 15 minutes at 60ºC. And that's it, fruit with a texture similar to freeze-dried fruit.
  7. Do you need to defrost hake because you forgot to take it out the night before? The same process that is used to dehydrate is used to defrost , it only changes the 60ºC for 40ºC.
  8. You can also use aluminum foil or parchment paper—if it's perforated, even better —to protect the bottom and simplify cleanup, as well as speed up preparation.
  9. Don't forget to clean your air fryer after every brew and only scrub it once it's cooled down . If there are traces of water left, don't get obsessed, although you can dry it by turning it on and preheating it to 50º.
  10. Preheat the air fryer for 3 to 5 minutes at about 160º . Whether you are making a sponge cake or a fry, this way you will achieve a greater impact, achieving crunchier textures.
  11. If you prepare sweets and you can't find the recipe on Xiaomi Home , follow this rule: reduce by about 10C and about 10 minutes compared to the "version" that you usually make with your oven . The air fryer spreads the heat in a very short time and achieves similar results with slightly lower time and temperature estimates.
  12. Never forget the oil sprayer . Spray oil or refillable spray oil cans are ideal for adding the exact amount , reducing the caloric load and not over-greasing food.
  13. And also use stir sticks and silicone tongs, in order not to crush the food or dump it directly on the plate. There are hundreds of accessories (cake molds, gloves, grids, etc.) that serve as the ideal complement.
  14. Do you like toast with crispy bacon? With a grid for toasting bread and preheating it for 5 minutes at 200ºC , you will achieve the same effects that you can get on a grill or salamander. You can also roast meats using this technique.
  15. If you are preparing a rebozo, spread it thoroughly and everywhere , since the air can blow away some of the flour or breadcrumbs.
  16. And if you are preparing foods with filo dough, fajitas or elaborated that weigh little, reinforce the weight by sticking toothpicks , for example, to prevent them from moving and sticking together.
  17. Although the fryer will notify you every 10 minutes, do not forget to turn the food halfway through cooking or as many times as you deem appropriate, in order to achieve the same texture on all sides.
  18. Don't stack multiple floors of food . It is better to prepare in two shifts than to achieve a burned part and another part without finishing cooking.
  19. Take advantage of the juices of each preparation to make sauces or reductions that you can use later to decorate or accompany your dishes.
  20. Chop thicker veggies into smaller pieces—from sweet potatoes to corn on the cob—as is often done with a steamer, for a more even texture.
  21. Do not forget to place the fryer in a ventilated place . Put it slightly away from the wall in order to prevent the expelled air from accumulating and overheating the appliance.
  22. Doesn't turn on or start a recipe when you go to manual? It is a security measure : while it is in the cooldown period you will have to wait. Don't forget: all air fryers should be able to "breathe" and dissipate heat comfortably.
  23. By the way, white smoke is usually derived from water vapor, it is not dangerous. Black smoke, on the other hand, is, since it means that there is some food or debris stuck to it . Turn off the fryer and check the top of the basket, where the heating element is located.
The healthiest (and tastiest) spaghetti you can prepare with the Xiaomi air fryer
In xiaomist
The healthiest (and tastiest) spaghetti you can prepare with the Xiaomi air fryer

Trick to make the best croquettes with your air fryer


They say that "every maestrillo has his booklet" and it is clear: the best croquettes are those that suit your tastes. Dough too soft? Do you hate fish? Have you become a fan of ball-type croquettes stuffed with boletus and foie gras?

How to make the healthiest homemade pizza with the Xiaomi air fryer
In xiaomist
How to make the healthiest homemade pizza with the Xiaomi air fryer

That it is important to toast the flour with butter, that it is essential to cook the milk but avoid the boiling point... we leave the choice of filling and dough to your liking but we reveal the secret so that they never break and remain juicy , fluffy and crispy on the outside: freeze . It's that simple.

Image 20220116 160632

Once you have the dough ready and you have proceeded to coat them —namely: first sifted flour, then beaten egg and finally breadcrumbs— place them on a tray or grid lined with parchment paper and put them in the freezer, preventing them from crushing. They only need about 4-5 hours to freeze and then you can store them in a bag as if they were purchased.

Image 20220116 161434

By freezing them, you will ensure that the batter is firm, that the texture is consistent and that they do not squash or stick to each other. And when you want to cook them, you just have to remember to take them out half an hour before, distribute them in the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L basket, leaving space between them, and comply with the assigned program:

  • Temperature: 170ºC
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes (with an extra 3-4 minutes of preheating)
Image 20220116 161734 1

The result is surprising since you will have croquettes free of excess fat, without residue, burnt bread or bad smells , perfectly cooked and crispy to enjoy at any time.

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The news 23 tips to get started with your Xiaomi air fryer (and a trick to get the perfect croquettes) was originally published in xiaomist by Isra Fdez .


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