Apple pulls the plug on iPhone accessories: A classic is thrown out

Apple pulls the plug on iPhone accessories: A classic is thrown out

Apple is quietly removing what was once a popular iPhone accessory – the Lightning Dock can no longer be ordered. There will probably no longer be a successor and there is a good reason for this.

Apple throws out iPhone Lightning Dock

In the USA, Canada and Mexico Apple has already thrown the iPhone Lightning Dock out of the store , a search for it brings no result. It was last seen there on November 10, 2021. Here in Europe and partly in Asia you can still find the dock in the Apple Online Store, but you can no longer order it. According to Apple, the product is sold out and can no longer be picked up in stores (source: 9to5Mac).

In short: Apple pulls the plug and the iPhone Lightning Dock is history. The last version was originally introduced in 2015 and was designed to fit all iPhones with a Lightning connector. Previous Apple docks always required the right "insole" for each iPhone. Most recently, Apple still asked for a rather sporty 55 euros for the dock.

The reason: MagSafe instead of Dock

And why is Apple taking the docking station out of the program? Quite simply: In an increasingly wireless world, there is no longer room for such a dock. The task is now taken over by the MagSafe charging pad, suitable for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Older models from 2017 can also be charged wirelessly, although they lack a magnetic fixation. Apple would probably like to push this solution more, and the sales figures for the iPhone dock shouldn't have been particularly high, according to our assessment.

A suitable replacement can also be found today in the MagSafe charging pad, combined with a decorative holder:

By the way: What the wireless charging pads don't offer is a headphone jack (3.5 mm). The Lightning Dock still had it. However, with regard to AirPods and AirPlay speakers, it no longer plays a particularly important role. The time of the classic docks is probably over. If you still need a replacement, you can always find alternative products from third -party suppliers in stores (see Amazon). Not so pretty, but practical.


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