AirPods Max: Custom-fit bag more expensive than the headphones – I beg your pardon?

AirPods Max: Custom-fit bag more expensive than the headphones – I beg your pardon?

Unfortunately, Apple does not include a real case with the AirPods Max, not even for an extra charge. You will now find what you are looking for at the luxury manufacturer Gucci. The Italian fashion company is now selling a custom-fit case for the headphones, but the price is exceptionally high, even by Apple standards.

Gucci bag for AirPods Max at an exorbitant price

We remember: Officially, the AirPods Max cost around 600 euros, but are currently available in retail for just over 400 euros (see price comparison at Idealo). Nonetheless, quite expensive. However, this is nothing compared to the custom-fit case for Apple's headphones from Gucci. The "Ophidia AirPods Max case" costs a lot more than the Apple headphones at 730 euros. They're even more expensive in the US - $980 (source: Gucci via 9to5Mac).

And what do you get for it? First of all, a wonderfully bizarre item description that tries to put the bag in the right light:

"Lifestyle objects are staged in the typical Gucci manner for the present. This AirPods Max case combines vintage flair with contemporary charm with archival design elements. Alluding to the contrast between past and present, the inside is decorated with the Latin word 'Hodiernum', meaning 'today'. Thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap, the versatile accessory opens up a variety of carrying options."

When it comes to the material, the manufacturer relies on brown leather details along with beige and ebony-colored "GG Supreme Canvas" , a kind of canvas. Of course, the expensive bag is made directly in Italy.

The ultimate in headphones for Apple users:

Apple's faux pas: These cases have their justification

Even if the price may be more of an obstacle for mere mortals, the luxury manufacturer puts its finger in the right place. The smart case included with Apple is anything but a profound protective case, more of an embarrassing fig leaf. Therefore, accessory holders use this circumstance and have appropriate cases in the program. However, you don't necessarily have to invest several hundred euros for this , you can get usable copies for just a few euros (see at Amazon).


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