Xiaomi S1 watch unveiled with blood oxygen monitoring, AMOLED and sapphire glass display

Xiaomi held one of the biggest events of the year and introduced several first-class products during it. This event is undoubtedly the culmination of a very successful year for this Chinese tech giant. In addition to Xiaomi's flagship Series 12 , MIUI 13 and Xiaomi Airbag 3 , the Chinese giant also unveiled a new smartwatch designed for the business class. This watch is known as the Xiaomi S1 watch, and despite its classic design style, it comes with all the covers of a complete smartwatch.

xiaomi watch s1 4

Xiaomi S1 watch has a beautiful and stylish design that has maintained the company's minimalist design philosophy. The watch has a 1.43-inch AMOLED touch screen with a pixel density of 326PPI, which is surrounded by a stainless steel frame. The screen is covered with a layer of sapphire glass. Users can choose between two comfortable leather straps and a fluorine rubber strap.

AMOLED display This watch provides a clear view of the screen even in sunlight. This makes it easy for users to check messages, incoming calls, notifications, calls, and use apps on the go. This watch provides comprehensive health information while supporting 117 fitness modes and 5ATM water resistance.

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In terms of features, the Xiaomi S1 offers up to 117 workouts and supports sleep tracking, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring. It also has NFC for contactless payment and supports Bluetooth calls and dual frequency GNSS positioning.

This watch has a 470 mAh battery that can hold a charge for up to 12 days on a single charge. It also offers standby mode for up to 24 days; And uses a magnetic charge to charge.

In addition, the Xiaomi S1 supports third-party applications, including NetEase Cloud Music, Baidu Maps, etc., but iOS users are currently unable to use third-party applications.

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Users in China can get the Xiaomi S1 for 1,099 yuan (about $ 173) through Xiaomi's official channels. The price of the leather strap will be 100 yuan. The S1 is available in black and silver and is currently on pre-order and will be officially on sale in China from December 31st.


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