Xiaomi Paipai is a portable wireless projector with support for 30 4K frames

At the Xiaomi 12 Series Unveiling Conference on Tuesday, Xiaomi unveiled a new portable wireless projector called the Xiaomi Paipai Wireless Projector. This gadget uses Xiaomi's minimalist design style with a compact structure that fits easily in a pocket.

The Xiaomi Paipai Projector is designed to simplify the relatively complex task of displaying presentations in the office or other tasks. All you have to do is connect the device to your notebook to start playing the notebook screen on a larger screen. This portable device has its own Wi-Fi module and the transmitter and receiver can automatically form a local area network (LAN).

xiaomi paipai 2

Xiaomi says the Paipai wireless projector's internal processing chip not only integrates network modules, but also has codec functions. To use this device, users will not need to install a driver, and just plug it in. The projector is also equipped with a 4K codec chip, low-compression decoding, ultra-high-resolution input, low image noise, audio-video synchronization and smooth operation. It also supports 5G frequency band transfer protocol and is designed so that it does not hang easily, has no delay and its image is displayed without jumping for a long time.

This transmitter uses a more advanced Type-C interface, high quality DP output and PD charging function. This ensures consistent transfer of high quality content while reducing the connection load of multiple devices when a new provider needs to display their own screen. In this case, the same receiver terminal can be connected to multiple transmitters, and others do not need to connect and disconnect the device to display the screen.

xiaomi paipai

In terms of performance, Xiaomi's Paipai wireless projector supports up to 30 frames in 4K, high-definition image and very low latency, but Xiaomi has not announced specific data latencies.

In terms of price, the Xiaomi Paipai Wireless Projector retails for 499 yuan ($ 78). And there is still no information about the availability of this device in global markets. Given the continuous introduction of most Mi gadgets in the European market in recent times, we expect Xiaomi to launch this device in Europe as well.


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