Xiaomi Mi Fit: Download its latest version and learn about its news

In this article we are going to show you the most important updates that the Mi Fit application has and has had.

Mi Fit is one of the best applications to monitor your Xiaomi smart watches and bracelets, which every day improves its interface and adds new functions.

My Fit update to version 5.6.0

It has been a while since the Mi Fit application has not changed, this time, with the 5.6.0 update, it offers us a redesign of its main screen , where we can see the steps, dreams, our heart rate and other data with a new interface simpler and more intuitive.

xiaomi mi fitxiaomi mi fit

As you can see, in this new version of the Mi Fit app, we find in the upper left part, the percentage of the battery that we have left in our smartwatch. As well as a new menu at the bottom, where we can see the different sport routines .

By default, the application shows you the 6 main functions , although you can move the elements that you do not need to the bottom , and add another function that you do use to the top.

xiaomi mi fit

Download version 5.6.0 of the Xiaomi Mi Fit app

  • Last update of the Mi Fit app on January 21, 2022
  • Requires Android 4.4 or higher for its operation
Download Mi Fit 5.6.0 update from Play Store Download Mi Fit 5.6.0 update from UptoDown

Xiaomi adds the Mi Band 6 to its Mi Fit 5.0 app

Without a doubt, this smart bracelet is one of the most desired products by all lovers of the brand, and we are sure that a family member or friend has had one of the latest versions, thanks to its incredible value for money .

Well, to continue in this line, Xiaomi improved the Mi Band 6 and now it has been added to the Mi Fit monitoring application. For the lucky ones who already have this smart bracelet, it is receiving a new update via OTA , in which it is activated a very good function that is the quality function of breathing while we sleep .

In case you did not know, in this new version of the Mi Band 6, Xiaomi incorporated a monitoring for REM sleep . REM sleep is sleep that occurs at intervals throughout the night and accounts for 25% of the total sleep cycle , plus we typically enter REM sleep several times a night.

This type of dream is very varied, since it can vary a lot due to stress, work, tiredness, type of breathing, etc.

Mi Fit 5.0.0: support for the Mi Band 6 arrives

As mentioned above, the update to version 5.0.0 of the Mi Fit App welcomes the new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 , and it will be in our country very soon, as it is expected by the end of this month of April, with an official price of €49.

Meanwhile, remember that you can update the version of the Mi Fit, so that it is ready for when you have this new Xiaomi bracelet and you can enjoy all its news.

Update Xiaomi Mi Fit app to 5.0.0

Xiaomi's sports monitoring application is updated: Mi Fit 4.4.0

Xiaomi has announced the release of a new version for the Mi Fit app. The app is the official app for Xiaomi and Huami's (Amazfit) smartwatches .

It also works with a bunch of other smart fitness products made by Xiaomi and its ecosystem partners, like Mi Scale smart scales andsmart sneakers .

Download the Mi Fit 4.4.0 update

The new version is Mi Fit 4.4.0 and it will soon be available in major app stores including Google Play Store and Apple store. While you can directly download this application from the following secure link that we provide.

Download Mi fit 4.4.0 APK

The updated Mi Fit app on August 4 brings a new update for the Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5 , as well as new bugs that have been fixed.

  • Some of the features include that the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 now shows the battery percentage .
  • In Mi Band 5, it adds motion detection that can automatically detect the current state you are in. At the same time, it adds a new option to configure dialing.
  • As usual as we said, it also brings minor bug fixes.

New version My Fit 4.0.0

Today this application has released a new update that is quite good on an aesthetic level, thanks to its almost total redesign and the implementation of new functions, thus adding support to more exercises.


Some of the improvements presented by this new update of the Xiaomi Mi Fit application are:

  • Completely new user interface design
  • Optimized data visualization
  • More types of workouts supported

As we can see in the image above, we now have a cleaner menu where we can see three sections at the bottom that are entertainment , where you will see your status, steps, calories burned, and you can slide between the different activities such as walking, running, hiking. Then we have the friends section , where you can invite your friends to see your results and share them and finally the profile option , where it lets you select your personal data, such as age, weight, gender and your goals throughout of the day

Download the new Mi Fit App version 4.0.0

You can download the new Mi Fit app at the following link to enjoy its new features and design, link to the Play Store or Apkmirror .

And the firmware of your Mi Band or Xiaomi Watch will be automatically updated to be adapted to the new version available, including all the improvements.

Best smart watches to use the Mi Fit Apk

All Xiaomi, Amazfit smartwatches can be paired in the Mi Fit app. We leave you the best current watches that you can buy at the best price to keep track of your daily exercise and sleep.

Sales Bestseller No. 1
Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite - Smart watch, GPS, heart rate control, 11 training models, black color
Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite - Smart watch, GPS, heart rate control, 11 training models, black color
  • smart watch
Sale Bestseller No. 2
Mi Smart Band 6 *1.56 Amoled Full Screen* 30 Training Modes* SpO2 Monitor* Water Resistant up to 50m* Mi Wear and Mi fit Connection App
Mi Smart Band 6 *1.56 Amoled Full Screen* 30 Training Modes* SpO2 Monitor* Water Resistant up to 50m* Mi Wear and Mi fit Connection App
  • New full screen: 1.56" AMOLED screen 49% larger than its predecessor Mi Smart Band 5; 326 PPI resolution, to view images and text content even more clearly
  • Sports tracking: 30 training modes to record your heart rate and calories burned, including Pilates and Zumba; Health monitoring: SpO2 monitoring can detect your blood oxygen saturation level, vital for your health
  • Sleep monitoring is capable of recording REM sleep, daily naps, and sleep breathing quality; daily heart rate monitoring also via push
  • Ag+ antibacterial strap; TPU material inside the strap contains Ag+ antibacterial agents to protect skin from germs
  • Long-lasting use and easy charging: Up to 14 days of battery life with standard use; simplified charging thanks to the magnetic charger; water resistant to 5 ATM 50 m
Bestseller No. 3
Xiaomi New Band 5 - Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, 11 Training Modes, 50 Meters Waterproof, Black
Xiaomi New Band 5 - Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, 11 Training Modes, 50 Meters Waterproof, Black
  • 【11 Professional Sports Modes】 Xiaomi mi band 5 supports 11 sports modes such as yoga, rowing machines, skipping rope, etc. Accurately detect and analyze heart rate, pace and calorie consumption
  • 【New magnetic charging, 20 days battery life】 Xiaomi mi band 5 bracelet can be charged directly through two contacts. Less than 2 hours of charging time can provide 14-20 days of battery life
  • 【24-Hour Sleep Heart Rate Monitoring】When the measured heart rate exceeds the set range, Xiaomi mi band 5 will remind you to adjust the exercise intensity. You can also check your sleep quality at night with mi band 5
  • 【Large Dynamic Color Screen, 100+ Main Dial】Xiaomi mi band 5 equipped with a larger 1.1" AMOLED screen, which is 20% larger than Band 4's screen area.
  • 【More functions】 Xiaomi mi band 5 supports menstrual period, fertile period recording; remote control camera; pressure detection function; breath training function; forecast the weather; 50M waterproof etc.
Sale Bestseller No. 4
Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Smart Band 6 Global Version Activity Tracker, Blood Oxygen Detection, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, 1.56' AMOLED Color Screen, 5 ATM, Black
Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Smart Band 6 Global Version Activity Tracker, Blood Oxygen Detection, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, 1.56" AMOLED Color Screen, 5 ATM, Black
  • With a larger 1.56-inch dynamic color screen, Mi Band 6 has about 50% more screen display area than Mi Band 5, with resolution up to 332 PPI. Retina-level display makes your calls, messages, and reminders more clearly visible.
  • The latest SpO₂ blood oxygen detection function can track your blood oxygen saturation level, which is very important for your health. Judges the quality of breathing based on deep sleep, light sleep, and rapid eye movement REM. The heart rate warning function of the heart rate monitoring system pays attention to heart health.
  • Nebramuss 7-day PAI cycle / female menstrual cycle tracking / pressure monitoring / breathing exercises / camera and music control / alarm clock functions can be connected using the Mi Wear / Mi Fit app.
  • The 30 sports modes can meet the tracking requirements of 30 popular sports such as HIIT, Platies and Zumba, and accurately record real-time heart rate and calories burned.
  • The black bracelet is added with Ag+ carrier antibacterial agent, the antibacterial effect is as high as 90%, and it can meet the standard battery life of 14 days when fully charged, magnetic charging.


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