Xiaomi: Lei Jun is no longer the boss – What happened?

Lei Jun Xiaomi

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, is no longer the head of Xiaomi. He left quietly, without comment or press releases. This became known through rumors and information about the management of Xiaomi Electronics and other subsidiaries. After the Chinese media attracted attention and talked about Lei Jun's resignation, he commented on the events.

He explained that the Xiaomi group currently includes a large number of sub-brands. Personnel changes in companies are normal and common. Lei Jun will be changing his position and he is not retiring. He just left the post of head of Xiaomi Electronics. Smartphones and other smart electronics are no longer his specialty.

He believes that his resignation will not have any negative consequences for Xiaomi Electronics. The company stands firmly on its feet and wonderful specialists work in it. Lei Jun reminded that Xiaomi Group is a big giant, of which the consumer electronics division is only a part, albeit a significant one.

For Lei Jun, the development of electric vehicles is now a top priority. Already last year, when announcing the company's entry into the electric car market, the founder of Xiaomi said that he would personally lead the project and that it would be the last big project of his career.

Lei Jun

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