Xiaomi launches a new USB with dual interface

Among the great diversity of Xiaomi accessories that we can find, and, currently, one of the most useful that we will find is the new dual-port USB key . In fact, Xiaomi has presented an interesting solution, its dual-interface USB Flash at a very attractive price.

llave usb de doble puerto xiaomi

Xiaomi Usb What are its features and functions?

We are talking about the Dual Interface U Disk, made entirely of zinc, with regard to a space dedicated to changing the interface. Likewise, it has a device where both a USB-C and a USB-A are located .

As far as capabilities are concerned, we find support for the USB 3.2 Gen 1 protocol, which translates into a reading speed of up to 150 MB/s . It also has a UDP configuration, which makes it easier for us to transfer files more stable using smaller chips.

In terms of compatibility, this USB key works from Android 4.4 or MacOS from 10.6 onwards, and on Windows 7 and, in addition, it can be used without problems on tablets. While on the subject of capacity, we have the option of 64 or 128 GB storage .

xiaomi dual port usb key 2

Xiaomi USB Storage What is the price and availability?

This new USB key from Xiaomi, Dual Interface U Disk, has been presented in the Chinese market with a starting price of 99 yuan , which at the exchange rate comes to €14 ; this for the version with 64 GB of memory, while for the 128 GB version, the cost is 169 yuan, that is, €24 .

Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Europe, although we will most likely find it in the coming weeks and will update this article.


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