Xiaomi launches Mijia S1 gas water heater

Xiaomi has launched the Mezia S1 Zero Cold Gas Water Heater in China. It is the brand's first gas water heater, with a starting price of 2,399 yuan (about $ 376), but is now priced at 1999 yuan (~ $ 313) in the pre-sale period.

The most important feature of this device is the rapid heating of water so that users do not have to wait for the water to heat up. The capacity of this device is 18 liters and it also preheats the water of the pipe so that the flow of hot water is guaranteed when the shower is opened. This device also has a precise control system of constant temperature up to ± 0.5 ° C.

MIJIA Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater S1 3 1

You do not need to replace the hot water pipes to install this portable gadget. This device can be installed with or without a return pipe, depending on the user's choice. Another feature of this device is the use of water pump with variable frequency DC so that it can use different modes of amplification according to the need for water.

Mijia S1 water heater is equipped with 3 main temperature control elements to provide instantaneous water temperature changes. It also heats the water evenly so that the temperature difference is precisely controlled at 0.5 degrees to prevent sudden changes in water temperature when the water heater is turned on and off.

MIJIA Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater S1 2 1

Thanks to the split flame control, the heating temperature is more precisely controlled. When the demand for low temperature water is low, the flame power automatically decreases. With this device, the water temperature can be set up to 35 degrees Celsius. When hot water demand is high, it automatically switches to more flame power to meet demand. It supports four bath modes, including adult wash (43 ° C), comfortable wash (41 ° C), children wash (39 ° C), and kitchen use (36 ° C).

Mijia S1 gas water heater supports the connection of various devices throughout the house and connects smart door locks, human sensors and other devices to customize the desired bathroom.


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