Why are so many people buying an iPhone 13 on Amazon right now?

Why are so many people buying an iPhone 13 on Amazon right now?

Do the Germans have too much money or why are so many people buying a not really cheap iPhone 13 from Amazon at the moment? xiaomist investigates the question and also has a suitable answer up its sleeve.

At Amazon: iPhone 13 occupies the front ranks

If you look at the current bestsellers among the smartphones on Amazon, then you're not badly amazed. Among the first 10 mobile phones there are 6 from Apple (source: Amazon). Particularly amazing: The first four positions are completely occupied by all model variants of the current iPhone 13 , in detail:

1st place: iPhone 13 2nd place: iPhone 13 Pro 3rd place: iPhone 13 mini 4th place: iPhone 13 Pro Max

Why is this? In the last few weeks, the new iPhones at Amazon have been located further back. Why are customers now increasingly turning to expensive Apple cell phones? We have a reasonable guess.

The real reason: Better availability

Although the individual model variants are sometimes much cheaper than Apple's, depending on the color and memory configuration, the absolute best prices are usually available from any eBay dealer. After all, the gap at Amazon is not too big. The best example is the iPhone 13 with 128 GB in the color "midnight", available on eBay for around 825 euros (view on eBay), not much more expensive on Amazon at just under 829 euros (view on Amazon). But other colors cost more.

There are four iPhone 13 models:

So it's not just the price. It is probably more due to the much more pleasant availability, which has improved noticeably in the new year . Some of the iPhone 13 models we get directly from stock, some of them we only have to wait a few days. This is particularly evident in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max (see on Amazon). Before that, there were hardly any more at Amazon, waiting times of several weeks and months were the order of the day.

This has changed, if you now want to buy a Pro model at short notice, you no longer have to go directly to the manufacturer for better availability. Such a positive development is now clearly visible in the ranking of the best-selling smartphones on Amazon.


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