When the iPhone goes for a swim: Awesome tip "blows" problems away

When the iPhone goes for a swim: Awesome tip

For a number of years now, the iPhone has been able to take a little bit more and is even allowed to go swimming for a short time. But such a "flooded" Apple cell phone also brings problems. A blatant tip now brings the hoped-for solution.

Since the iPhone 7, Apple's smartphone has become more and more resistant to water . The current models of the iPhone 13 and its predecessor are even certified according to the IP68 standard and, according to the specification, can withstand the cool wet for up to 30 minutes and at a depth of up to 4 meters. Means: The iPhone can take a short "diving tour" without serious consequences - simply dry it off with a lint-free cloth and you're good to go.

iPhone with water in the speaker: what Apple says

But this doesn't always solve all problems in the end . Very often an iPhone sounds very dull after such a dive. The explanation: water seeping into the loudspeaker and microphone. In this case, Apple recommends the following:

"Place the iPhone with the speaker facing down on a soft, lint-free cloth and watch for water dripping out. Penetrating water can impair speaker and microphone performance until it has completely evaporated. "

The iPhone should then be dried, Apple do this:

"To dry the iPhone, gently pat it down on your hand with the Lightning connector to remove excess moisture. Put iPhone in a dry area with some airflow. Positioning the iPhone in front of a fan that blows cool air directly into the Lightning connector can speed up the drying process.

But there is another, slightly crazier possibility that we would like to introduce ...

Apple is promoting the iPhone 12, a small shower under the tap does not hurt:

Sounds crazy, but it actually helps

To be completely honest , Apple's recommendation doesn't sound particularly innovative. With the Apple Watch, the iPhone manufacturer is already more clever, because since the Series 2 there is a function in which the loudspeakers are freed from water by playing a sound. The same is simply blown out. Unfortunately, the iPhone lacks this practical feature.

The website "FixMySpeakers" is now opening up the gap. The owner of the drowned iPhone simply goes to the website with the cell phone, turns up the volume and presses the button. A slightly annoying tone is played at a suitable frequency and at the same time blows the loudspeakers free of water - the power is even enough to blow away small scraps of paper. Sounds crazy at first, but it actually works. Definitely try it out. However, you should be careful not to bother your fellow human beings with it for too long, because the tone is a real problem ...


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