WhatsApp integrates a function that was previously not wanted

WhatsApp integrates a function that was previously not wanted

WhatsApp is rethinking and no longer wants to isolate itself so strictly on the individual platforms. For this reason, a function was activated some time ago that allows iPhone users to move their data to Samsung smartphones. Much more should soon be possible - namely if Android users want to switch to the iPhone.

WhatsApp: Change from Android phone to iPhone is coming

With WhatsApp, you can already switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone and take your data with you. So far, however, such a function was not wanted. That will change soon. After WhatsApp made it possible some time ago to switch from an iPhone to a Samsung smartphone, and soon all Android 12 cell phones will follow, the reverse path should also be possible (source: WABetaInfo).

This function has appeared in a new beta version of WhatsApp for Android – but is not yet active. You will soon be able to switch from any Android smartphone to the iPhone and simply take your chats and other data with you. So far, as I said, this has not been possible with official means and was probably not wanted at all in recent years. Otherwise such a system would have been integrated long ago.

This will soon make it even easier to switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. You often don't want to start the arduous journey because you always have to leave something behind. If WhatsApp unlocks the feature in the future, even more people could switch to the iPhone . Apple should be happy.

These are the best WhatsApp alternatives:

Many details about the new WhatsApp function not known

How exactly WhatsApp plans to implement the new function is not known. The current solution when switching from iPhone to Samsung phone is to use a cable. So it doesn't just work via the cloud and your own phone number. It will be interesting to see if there might be a better solution.


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