WhatsApp: Google Drive Backup will be restricted


WhatsApp on Android has the advantage that backups are stored in Google Drive and do not count towards the Google Drive storage quota. WhatsApp and Google reached an agreement on this a few years ago. That will change in the future.

Three months ago a new feature was discovered which is under development and which allows to manage WhatsApp chats when backing up to Google Drive: the user can exclude certain types of messages from backing up to save space on Google Drive.

But that's a bit strange: WhatsApp backups don't count against Google Drive storage quota, so why did WhatsApp want to release a similar feature? The answer is simple: Google is planning to stop offering the unlimited plan to store our WhatsApp backups.

In particular, changes are planned for backups, notifications about when Google Drive is almost full, when the limit is reached and information about when the changes will take effect. This isn't so surprising: Google stopped offering unlimited storage for Google Photos last year.

According to this information, Google will still offer a certain quota of free WhatsApp backup storage, but it is a limited plan.


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