Vodafone satisfied: 5G network is developing better than expected

Vodafone satisfied: 5G network is developing better than expected

At Vodafone one can be satisfied with the expansion of the 5G network. According to CEO Hannes Ametsreiter, you could beat your own goals. 45 million potential customers can be reached with 5G - but there's a catch.

Vodafone reports strong growth in the 5G network

"The 5G network is growing faster than all other mobile networks before it and twice as fast as originally planned, " says Vodafone Germany boss Hannes Ametsreiter. The Düsseldorf mobile phone provider originally planned to be able to supply around 20 million people with their own 5G network by the turn of the year 2021/2022. It is now said that 45 million Germans can be reached (source: Vodafone).

It's actually a great success, but you have to make one major restriction : As is not uncommon in the industry, the focus is on being able to supply potential customers with 5G at their place of residence. It is therefore not certain that 5G coverage will always be secured on the go, where mobile communications should play the larger role according to the name.

In return, Vodafone attaches great importance to the standalone operation of the 5G network. Anyone who already owns a 5G-capable smartphone should be able to trust that 5G will also be used permanently. Otherwise it is often the case that the cell phone is dialed into both the 4G and 5G network. This does not damage the connection, but the double load drains the battery.

Vodafone distributes 5G over different frequencies, depending on where users are at the moment. In large cities, shorter-wave frequencies are used, which allow higher data speeds , but their range is more limited. Longer wave frequencies ensure 5G coverage in rural areas.

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5G: Upgrade rural coverage to 800MHz

The advantage: the longer waves in the frequency range around 800 MHz pass through house walls better. Depending on the need, Vodafone relies on a frequency mix that best meets the requirements in certain areas. Currently, 18,000 5G antennas at 6,000 locations span Vodafone's 5G network, according to Ametsreiter a tripling over the calendar year 2021.

Since Vodafone's last announcement, around 10 million more people have been covered by the 5G network - but of course this only makes a difference for those who also book a 5G contract.


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