Tiger: Samsung wants to finally bring Apple to its knees

Tiger: Samsung wants to finally bring Apple to its knees

Samsung has big plans for 2022. You want to really show Apple and put your biggest competitor in their place. The "Tiger" strategy is to be used for this. Each letter has its own meaning.

Samsung wants to beat Apple with Tiger strategy

Already in the run-up to CES 2022 in Las Vegas, around 40 Samsung managers met and decided on plans for the future of the group. 2022 is the year of the tiger and so "tiger" has been chosen as a strategy. The letters each have a special meaning:

T rue No. 1 in all product categories I mprove flagship market share narrow G ap between Apple (and Samsung) E xpanding R ecord year

So Samsung wants to be the real number one in all product categories in which the South Korean company is active. In addition, the company would like to gain more market share in the market for flagship smartphones and reduce the gap with Apple. Further expansion is also planned in many product categories, such as headphones, in order to achieve a record year overall (source: The Korea Herald).

According to the leading managers, Samsung wants to develop from a smartphone manufacturer to a provider of intelligent products . You don't want to be a technology brand, you want to be a company loved by young people that offers innovative experiences.

The new Samsung smartphone:

Samsung is merging departments

A few weeks ago it was already apparent that a major upheaval was taking place at Samsung. The departments for smartphones, televisions and household appliances have been merged so that we can better develop new products together . This year we will probably not see until the middle of the year whether the new Tiger strategy and the merging of the departments have a positive effect. This will probably not have any effect on the Galaxy S22. This is expected as early as February 2022 and has been in development for months.


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