Threema instead of WhatsApp: Whole army is switching - with good reason

Threema instead of WhatsApp: Whole army is switching - with good reason

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world, but it doesn't have the best reputation. That's why an entire army is now switching to the secure Threema Messenger. The advantages of sensitive communication are obvious and are also communicated openly.

Swiss Army switches from WhatsApp to Threema

WhatsApp has been trying to sell itself as a secure messenger for a long time. This has been true at least since the last holes were filled in end-to-end encryption. However, the Swiss Army does not rely on it, because you can still be identified on WhatsApp and leave traces behind. That is why it has been announced on LinkedIn that members of the army can use the Threema messenger, which is actually paid for, free of charge (source: LinkedIn).

The Swiss Army emphasizes that not only can end-to-end encrypted communication take place there, but that no digital traces are left behind. Since you can log into Threema completely anonymously , people cannot be identified at all. No data is saved and you only connect using a code. The mobile phone number or access to the phone book are irrelevant at Threema.

For Threema this is of course a great vote of confidence and a good figurehead . If the Swiss Army uses this messenger for secure communication, many other people should do the same. But it should not be a coincidence that the Swiss Army chose Threema. The messenger also comes from Switzerland.

Threema is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives:

German Bundeswehr uses BwMessenger

In Germany, by the way, a separate messenger was developed for the Bundeswehr, which can be used for encrypted communication. This has been available for Android and iOS devices since mid-November 2020 and can be used for business as well as private communication.


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