This color variant of the Xiaomi 12 sweeps China to such an extent that it is already sold out

The Xiaomi 12 Series is already on sale in China. Since the end of December, the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12X have not stopped accumulating sales , especially a specific color that has captivated the Asian public.

Among the different variants in which the Xiaomi 12 can be purchased, there is one of them that is proving a success in China to such an extent that it is currently completely sold out.

The best-selling color variant of the Xiaomi 12

The best-selling variant of the Xiaomi 12 is being the Wild Green , specifically the one that has a high-quality leather finish and that has also been developed respecting the environment.

Esta variante de color del Xiaomi 12 está siendo la más popular y ya se ha agotado por completo. Noticias Xiaomi A
Xiaomi 12 Wild Green

In itself, this variant was introduced by Xiaomi as a relaxing, fresh and innovative color variant, characterized by providing a different and high-quality finish compared to the classic blue, black and lilac colors.

This color variant of the Xiaomi 12 is being the most popular and has already sold out completely. Xiaomi  News

Unfortunately, these finishes do not usually reach the Global market , although with the debut of the Xiaomi 12 Series everything could change. We can only wait and see if Xiaomi interprets this success in China as a possible success in the international market.

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