These 60 Android Apps, Games, Icon Packs & Live Wallpapers are Free Today

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In the Google Play Store you can dust off a whole range of apps, icon packs and wallpapers for free today. There must be something there for you.

The apps are those that are temporarily free, i.e. that otherwise cost something and have a rating of at least 3 stars in the store. Most of the time you see such free offers much too late, since Google itself does not offer an overview of discounted or temporarily free apps in the Play Store.

Android applications

Simpan - Note various needs (Free, Google Play) →

Carp Fishing Simulator (Free + , Google Play) →

Shout Screen - Big Text Announcements (Free, Google Play) →

Clean Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Video Gallery - HD Video Live Wallpapers (Free, Google Play) →

Android games

Intergalactic Space Virtual Reality Roller Coaster (Free, Google Play) →

VR Pirates Ahoy - Underwater Shipwrecks Voyage (Free, Google Play) →

Egyptian Pyramids VR Roller Coaster (Free, Google Play) →

Симулятор Фрилансера 2: Премиум издание (Free + , Google Play) →

World War 3 - Global Conflict (Tower Defense) (Free, Google Play) →

Bulbs - A game of lights (Free, Google Play) →

Cooking Kawaii: Kitchen Restaurant Game (Free + , Google Play) →

Offline Tap tap cartoonist - Cartoon999 (VIP) (Free + , Google Play) →

Stories: Your Choice (novels) (Free + , Google Play) →

Stickman Master Premium (Free + , Google Play) →

College Days - Winter Break (Free, Google Play) →

Castle Defender Premium (Free + , Google Play) →

The Lost Ship (Free + , Google Play) →

Data Defense (Free, Google Play) →

Alice Beyond Wonderland (Free, Google Play) →

Asylum (Horror game) (Free + , Google Play) →

Dungeon Corporation S: An auto-farming RPG game! (Free + , Google Play) →

Superheroes Junior Premium (Free + , Google Play) →

Terra Fighter 2 Pro (Free + , Google Play) →

Theme Park Simulator (Free + , Google Play) →

Legend of the cartoon (Free + , Google Play) →

PIXEL BLADE M Vip (Free + , Google Play) →

King of Arms VIP (Free + , Google Play) →

Wonder Knights PV: Nonstop Action Shmup RPG (Free + , Google Play) →

Timing Hero VIP : Retro Fighting Action RPG (Free + , Google Play) →

Neon Beats | Musical AMOLED Game (Free, Google Play) →

2048 - Puzzle Game (Free, Google Play) →

Block Puzzle (Free, Google Play) →

A-2481 (Free, Google Play) →

Cytus II (Free + , Google Play) →

Sword Knights : Idle RPG (Magic) (To be announced, Google Play) →

Tap Town Premium (idle RPG) - Magic (To be announced, Google Play) →

Dementia: Book of the Dead (Free, Google Play) →

The Lost Ship (Free + , Google Play) →

Mental Hospital III (Free, Google Play) →

Alice Beyond Wonderland (Free, Google Play) →

Word Connect PRO (Free, Google Play) →

WhamBam Warriors VIP - Puzzle RPG (To be announced, Google Play) →

Icon packs

Timus: Rounded Dark Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Arthur Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Dinadan Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Elyan Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Galaad Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Ginevra Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Lancelot Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Merlin Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Morgana Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Perceval Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

The Round Table Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Live Wallpaper

Planets Live Wallpaper Plus (Free, Google Play) →

Prism Live Wallpaper (Free, Google Play) →

3D Parallax Live Wallpaper - 4K Backgrounds (Free + , Google Play) →

BLW Amazing Live Wallpapers (Free + , Google Play) →

WallApp - Wallpaper Manager (Free + , Google Play) →

Hex AMOLED Neon Live Wallpaper 2021 (Free + , Google Play) →

Such a temporarily free app also has an advantage for you later. Because if you now dust off and install the apps for free, they will remain permanently stored in your account. If the app later becomes chargeable again, you can still download and use it for free again.

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