The Redmi Note 11S will be presented outside of China this month

After obtaining its certification in Europe , the Redmi Note 11S will finally be presented this month outside of China , although in the first place it will do so in India, to later make its debut in the rest of the Global market.

It has also been announced by Redmi India , confirming not only that it will be this month when we see its debut, but also letting us see the first image of this Redmi Note 11S , as well as one of its main features.

Redmi Note 11S, everything we know to date

As we can see under these lines, if we clarify the image published by Xiaomi we can see that the Redmi Note 11S will have a 108MP camera , this being one of its main attractions as it is an economic terminal.

El Redmi Note 11S se presentará fuera de China este mismo mes. Noticias Xiaomi A

Beyond that, everything remains a mystery, although rumors suggest that the Redmi Note 11S will have a MediaTek processor, probably one of the latest Dimensity 7000 or Dimensity 9000 . In addition, the screen could be made up of an AMOLED panel capable of reaching 90Hz .

As we said, the Redmi Note 11S will debut this month in India, to later do so in Europe and specifically in Spain where we have already seen several certifications that confirm its Global launch.

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