Tesla doesn t want it: Apple users just help themselves

Tesla doesn t want it: Apple users just help themselves

Tesla's automobiles are repeatedly regarded as the "iPhones among electric cars", but these technological masterpieces of all things cannot do much with Apple cell phones. An Apple user has therefore now taken action himself.

Tesla does not even offer an integration of Apple's CarPlay for a surcharge. So if you want to integrate your iPhone perfectly with apps and Co. in your Tesla, you will still get nothing. With other manufacturers, on the other hand, this is considered good form and Apple users will find something in Porsche, BMW and Co. that Tesla has refused to offer them to this day.

Tesla with Apple CarPlay: hobbyist's dream comes true

Regrettable but unfortunately not to change, or maybe? The Polish developer Michał Gapiński did not want to put up with that and took on the matter himself . He manages what Tesla doesn't really want - Apple's CarPlay in the Tesla, directly on the big screen. The following video can be seen on Twitter as proof:

But how did he do it, how did he pull off the big coup? The explanation: A Raspberry Pi with an LTE modem and a WLAN access point serves as the interface. Incidentally, it runs an adapted Android-based firmware. The Tesla browser then establishes a stream connection with the Raspberry Pi, and Apple's CarPlay runs within the display (source: Tesla North).

What you can learn about Tesla:


For a DIY solution, it works surprisingly well. All apps work as usual, including Maps and Apple Music. Functionality is also guaranteed while driving, control via the steering wheel buttons is possible. In the next step, Gapiński would like to optimize the WLAN connection in order to enable an even smoother display of the stream.

Meanwhile, no help can be expected from Tesla in the future either, complete control of the infotainment system remains with the e-car pioneer. Officially, iPhone owners only have the Bluetooth connection, if you want more you have to tinker.


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