Tariff cracker: 40 GB + Allnet & SMS flat rate for 19 euros - can be canceled monthly

Tariff cracker: 40 GB + Allnet & SMS flat rate for 19 euros - can be canceled monthly

Anyone who needs a monthly cancellable mobile phone tariff with a lot of data volume should know the current offer from Mobilcom-Debitel. For a short time you get an all-network and SMS flat rate with 40 GB at a price of 18.99 euros per month. xiaomist has the details.

Mobilcom-Debitel drastically reduces monthly cancellable 40 GB tariff

A lot of data in a smartphone tariff usually costs a lot in Germany. However, there is currently a campaign at Mobilcom-Debitel where you can get a € 16 discount on the "40 GB LTE Allnet-Flat" from Telefonica every month. This means that the SIM-only tariff only costs EUR 18.99 per month instead of the normal EUR 34.99. In addition, it can also be canceled on a monthly basis and a flexible contract start is possible. In addition, there is a one-time connection fee of 9.99 euros (instead of 39.99 euros), but the offer is only valid for a few days.

Since the tariff can be canceled on a monthly basis, you do not take any risks and are not bound to a mobile phone contract for years. However, the discount is only available for the first 24 months. From the 25th month the basic fee increases again to 34.99 euros. So don't forget to get off in time.

The details of the tariff at a glance:

Network: o2 Allnet and SMS flat rate 40 GB LTE data volume (max. 225 MBit / s) EU roaming included Can be canceled monthly, 2 weeks notice Basic fee per month: EUR 18.99 (EUR 34.99 from the 25th month ) Provisioning fee: 9.99 euros Data automatic: no

While the speed is often limited to 21.6 or 50 Mbit / s with cheaper tariffs from Mobilcom-Debitel, with the current offer you get a maximum of 225 Mbit / s, so that you can use the 40 GB per month at really high internet speed .

That's why you should cancel your current mobile phone contract immediately:

For whom is the tariff bargain worthwhile?

For everyone who already has a smartphone and needs a lot of LTE data volume per month, but does not pay a fortune and does not want to be tied to a mobile phone contract for long. The tariff is also well suited for a tablet or notebook with a SIM slot. It is important that you cancel Mobilcom-Debitel in good time, as the price increases by 16 euros from the 25th month.

Missed the offer? More SIM-only deals are available here:


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