Stock apps - current stock market and stock prices for Android & iPhone

Stock apps - current stock market and stock prices for Android & iPhone

If you want to know what is currently going on on the stock exchange in order to find out about your share prices, you can do it in real time on your smartphone these days. The best stock and stock market apps for Android or the iPhone not only keep you up to date, but can also analyze trends and thus help you to get in or out at the right time.

Have you already noticed the changes to online banking?

Differences between stock market apps and stock apps

Those who deal with the topic for the first time may not even know what they actually need. There's a difference between a stocks app and a stock market app for good reason.

The stocks app deals exclusively with stock prices . It shows the price trend of selected stocks and maybe has a few setting options and alarms. The stock exchange app can observe and display the development of everything that is traded on the stock exchange. This is not just about stocks , but also about special groups of goods, currencies or, in some cases, even the rates of various crypto currencies.

At the same time, there are also the finance apps (some of which are issued by the banking institutions), with which you can manage a share portfolio and sometimes even buy or sell shares.

Do you even need a stock or stock market app?

When it comes to the current stock prices of some stocks, you don't necessarily need a stocks app. These can even be counterproductive if you take a closer look at their limitations.

You will then have to find out that the share prices of these apps are not always displayed in real time, but come with a delay of up to 30 minutes. And a lot can happen in the stock market in 30 minutes.

For quick queries in between, it is definitely worth asking Google!

A query such as "VW share price" shows you the current market value of the share and can also present the price trend over selectable time periods. This has the advantage, among other things, that you don't have to register with any app provider and that this free method is spared from intrusive advertising.

Stock exchange & share apps for Android and iPhone

"Just like that" you can inquire about any current share price on Google. If you want more, you should get a stock market app right away and avoid the pure share apps. But one thing should be clear to you: If you want to use the services of a good stock market portal to the full in such an app, you often not only have to register, but also pay money for the "better features".

" " is an international finance portal where you can get real-time data as well as analyzes and stock market news. The associated stock exchange app for Android and iOS is called " Finances: Stock Exchange, Shares, Portfolio & News ".

Like any good stock app, it offers you the latest stock prices in real time, but also financial news, information on the respective stocks and analysis of the development.

Unfortunately, the app also contains plenty of advertising, in some cases even "dark patterns", that is, advertising that disguises itself like app buttons and where pressing "Sell" leads to an advertiser. In this case, you buy the freedom to advertise with the monthly payment of 6.99 euros (or 5.83 euros if you choose the annual payment method).

Fortunately, you are free to try out whether this is worthwhile for you and whether you can use all the features of the app. A free registration also ensures that you can create a personal watchlist to monitor your papers.

xiaomist tip for share apps

If you are looking for the best stock, finance or stock market apps, you will quickly find a number of "recommendation lists". It is noticeable that the "charts" are very similar - especially the top spot is identical for almost all "testers".

In most cases, you can assume that these articles are not really a recommendation from the best provider, but rather a recommendation from the best advertising partner. Its name currently begins apparently with a small "e" ...

We therefore recommend that you deal with the topic yourself and just throw it around in a stock or stock exchange discussion forum. You will get real experience and sometimes warnings that will really help you.


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