Sony: First Xperia phones get update to Android 12

Sony: First Xperia phones get update to Android 12

In the last few weeks, Samsung has primarily attracted attention, because many of the Galaxy smartphones have received the update to Android 12. Sony is now following suit and providing at least two high-end models with the latest Android version.

Sony is distributing the first Android 12 updates

Sony's update policy has become increasingly opaque in recent years. A few months ago there was a lot of discussion about the update policy. While manufacturers like Samsung themselves provide mid-range cell phones with Android updates for four years, Sony has only announced updates for two years. Accordingly, there will be updates to Android 12 and 13 . And that's exactly what Sony is doing now.

If you own an Xperia 1 III or Xperia 5 III (for testing), you can now install the update to Android 12 . According to various sources, the rollout is starting very cautiously. While there are some success stories, not all owners of these two Xperia smartphones have been offered the update yet. In the end you just have to wait and see if the new software is there.

What changes with Android 12:

Other Sony smartphones are likely to follow

As usual, Sony starts with the top smartphones first. The Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III were introduced in April 2021, but only came onto the market a few weeks ago. The Xperia 10 III was unveiled at the same time and is also likely to receive an update to Android 12 in the foreseeable future. How it looks with the predecessors remains open. Of course, owners of older high-end smartphones like the Xperia 5 II are now looking to see if Sony is delivering an update to Android 12 .

It started with the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III. Now the other Sony smartphones have to follow. There is no specific timetable . Sony should simply proceed step by step. However, the owners who are still at Sony's side should not be kept waiting for too long.


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