So you can add these new MIUI widgets to your Xiaomi desktop

Although, a few days ago, Xiaomi changed the name of its Health application, improving its interface and functionalities, now we can have access to this new application called Mi Fitness , which is not only in Spanish, but also adds new MIUI widgets. for the desktop of our smartphone .

Whether you have a wearable or directly use your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO to count the steps taken per day, once Mi Fitness is installed we can add various useful widgets to the desktop .

These will show us quickly and really strikingly, the steps we have taken, as well as the calories consumed . In addition, from any of these we will be able to visualize the activity time , that is, the time that we have been carrying out some activity per day.

So you can add these new widgets to your Xiaomi

In order to access these widgets, simply download the My Fitness app . To do this, the MIUIes team provides us with the download of it through its Telegram channel (usually it is not installed by default in MIUI). Once done, we will only have to install it, to later follow these steps:

So you can add these new MIUI widgets to your Xiaomi desktop News Xiaomi

  1. Go to the desktop and join two fingers as a gesture to access the options
  2. After that we will click on « widgets » and then we will look for the new My Fitness widgets

In this simple way we can have a step and calorie counter on the screen of our Xiaomi , whether we have a bracelet or smart watch or the monitoring is carried out directly by our smartphone.

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