Smartphone market conquered: Honor shows Xiaomi how to do it right

Smartphone market conquered: Honor shows Xiaomi how to do it right

Honor did it. There is no other way to describe the meteoric rise of the former Huawei subsidiary. While many Chinese smartphone makers are struggling with their home country sales, Honor is rocketing off and becoming the largest Chinese smartphone maker out of nowhere. Only one company can beat Honor.

Honor conquers the Chinese smartphone market

After the sale of Honor by Huawei, the Chinese company is liberated. While Huawei's smartphone sales continue to collapse, Honor has unrestricted access to all technologies and does so. This pays off, because Honor can drastically expand its market share and has become the largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer in China in a very short time.

Incidentally, China is the largest smartphone market in the world. Apple is the undisputed number one, but only has a growth of 3 percent. Honor sprints to second place. The market share increases from 4.6 to 17 percent, which corresponds to a growth of 253.4 percent . If things continue like this, Honor will dominate the Chinese market for the foreseeable future. Vivo and Oppo are losing market share. Nevertheless, Xiaomi cannot work its way forward. With growth of 11.1 percent, it is still only enough for fifth place.

We took a detailed look at the Honor 50:

Honor also wants to expand in Europe

Honor's results in China clearly show that the former Huawei subsidiary is really serious. The Chinese company has already done well with the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite (for testing). In the future, however, many more smartphones are likely to follow that are no longer so reminiscent of Huawei models. Independence from the company will become clearer, and then Europe will want to pick up where Huawei left off . The signs point to success.


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