Saturn brochure in the bargain check: You really save with these offers

Saturn brochure in the bargain check: You really save with these offers

The new Saturn campaign promises exclusive discounts for Saturn Card holders and up to 20 percent on smart TVs, laptops, headphones and gaming accessories. But which offers are really worthwhile? We took a closer look at the deals and compared prices.

Saturn brochure in the price check: You actually save with these offers

Also in the new year, the current Saturn brochure again promises unbelievable prices on a number of technical highlights. This time, OLED televisions, smart home and gaming hardware are among the items included. But of course you should always compare the prices with those of other providers. Or simply ask xiaomist, because we have already taken care of that for you and only present actual bargains below.

Orders with a shopping basket of 59 euros or more or when picking them up at the store are free of shipping costs . Excluded from this are large devices that are sent by freight forwarder.

Saturn: These offers are real bargains

LG 55-inch OLED television for 999 euros (instead of 2,299 euros RRP): With 4K resolution, web OS 5.0, twin triple tuner and thanks to 4 x HDMI 2.1 perfect for NextGen gaming in 4K with 120 fps at the current best price.

Philips 70-inch LED TV for 999 euros (instead of 1,899 euros RRP): Huge 70-inch LED TV from Philips with 4K resolution, Android 10 operating system and 3-sided Ambilight.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation for 21.98 euros (instead of 49.99 euros RRP): Smart language assistant from Amazon. Also works without an Amazon Prime account.

HyperX gaming keyboard for 99 euros (instead of 119.99 euros): wired mechanical keyboard with full aluminum housing and RGB lighting.

SanDisk Ultra 3D 2 TB for 139 euros (instead of 249.99 euros RRP) at Saturn. Internal SSD with 2TB storage, transfer speeds up to 560Mbps and 2.5" form factor.

Philips Hue Play starter set for 364 euros (instead of 489.99 euros): light strip for televisions whose light colors react to the content of the screen. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Apple and IFTTT.

HyperX desktop microphone for 87.99 euros (instead of 139.99 euros): With 3 meter cable, 20-20000 Hz frequency response and -36dB microphone sensitivity. Note: The final price is only visible in the shopping cart.

Saturn tariff world: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G + 40 GB

In the Saturn tariff world you can get the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G with the "Free M Boost" tariff including 40 GB of data volume and Allnet and SMS flat rate for 34.99 euros per month plus a one-time additional payment of 88.99 Euro. As a gift you get the Galaxy Buds 2 worth around 90 euros for free and you can also optionally secure a 100 euro exchange bonus. The total costs after 24 months amount to 928.75 euros. A really good offer.

Tip: When you register for the MediaMarkt or Saturn newsletter for the first time, you will receive a voucher for 10 euros , which can be redeemed with a minimum order value of 100 euros.


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