Samsung trumps everyone: Android cell phones will receive the next software update

Samsung trumps everyone: Android cell phones will receive the next software update

Samsung proves once again that the South Korean company is serious about the software updates for its Galaxy smartphones. Again, Samsung has released an Android update that hasn't even landed on Google phones yet, and not even for a current model.

First Samsung smartphone receives February update

Towards the end of the month, many Samsung phone owners are wondering if this time their smartphone will get the new monthly update first. Samsung has no clear line and just starts. Often even the month before, as in this case. The Samsung Galaxy A50s is the first smartphone to receive the February update. Samsung doesn't even supply the latest models, but is updating a 2019 model with older Android 11 software.

The February update for this smartphone will be rolled out in Vietnam (source: SamMobile). Samsung usually tests an update in one country and then expands the rollout if no errors occur. It usually takes a few weeks until the latest February update is distributed for many other Galaxy smartphones and tablets . This will also happen in Germany in a short time. Samsung has at least given the go-ahead with the Galaxy A50s.

At the same time, Samsung is working on a new strategy for distributing Android updates more quickly for its smartphones. Soon there will no longer be a separate software version for each region, but an update for all of Europe. So when an update is released, it not only appears regionally, but can also be installed in Germany, France, Poland and Co. That would be a big step that could take update speed to a whole new level .

Samsung's Galaxy S22 smartphones will be revealed soon:

Can Google keep up this time?

With the last monthly updates, Google failed. The new Pixel 6 smartphones in particular only received their software update two months later. It will be interesting to see if Google can keep up this time or if we have to wait longer again. I use the Pixel 6 Pro myself and am already waiting for the next update.


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