Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in price decline: Smartwatch classic at Amazon at a top price

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in price decline: Smartwatch classic at Amazon at a top price

After the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the predecessor is now on sale – at Amazon. However, the offer is likely to be for a short time only, so if you want to grab it, hurry up. In addition, potential buyers should pay attention to an important detail.

Update from January 27th, 2022: Amazon has a real bargain for everyone who is looking for a solid yet affordable smartwatch. The shipping giant is offering the Galaxy Watch 3 41mm for just €169 in Mystic Bronze and Mystic Silver colors.

However, what buyers should know before buying: The watch is a discontinued model. It can therefore be assumed that Samsung will not be providing the model with updates for too long . If that doesn't bother you, you can buy it without hesitation - because the Galaxy Watch 3 will still be a good all-round smartwatch in 2022.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Small version in silver and bronze from 339 euros

With the Samsung Galaxy 3, the South Korean company finally presented a real successor to the two-year-old Samsung Galaxy Watch at the beginning of August. Even the predecessor was anything but a price-performance breaker right from the start - that hasn't changed with the new models either. At the start of sales, Samsung asked for 418 euros for the new 41 mm model with WLAN, the 45 mm version cost 447 euros.

But as always, where there's a Samsung product, there's a rapid price drop - and the Galaxy Watch 3 is no exception. For example, Cyberport offers the 41 mm version in the colors "Mystic Bronze" and "Mystic Silver" for 339 euros including shipping, around 80 euros cheaper than when it was released.

The most important innovations of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in the product video:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with 45 mm: This is the price of the large version

The situation is similar with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with 45 mm. The price at the start of sales was a whopping 447 euros, but the WLAN model is now available in silver for 360.74 euros, including shipping costs. If you prefer the black version, you can currently find the cheapest price at Cyberport. 369 euros are due for this version, there are no shipping costs. Here, too, the price drop cannot be averted, it is even slightly larger than the 41 mm model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: does the smartwatch upgrade make sense?

Compared to the older Samsung Galaxy Watch, not so much has changed with the new model. The same processor still works under the display, after all, the amount of RAM has been increased to 1 GB, the flash memory has been doubled to 8 GB. In return, the capacity of the battery has been slightly reduced compared to the predecessor. The same applies to the dimensions of the smartwatch, each of which has shrunk by a millimeter without having to reduce the size of the displays.

What buyers in Germany still have to do without is the ECG function of the Galaxy Watch 3. It is not yet known when the feature can be expected to be activated.

The changes to the original Samsung Galaxy Watch are therefore limited. So if you can do without the additional amount of memory and the ECG function, you should probably take a look at the old version of the smartwatch. This has now become really cheap: Amazon sells the 46 mm version for around 184.85 euros – around half the price of the Galaxy Watch 3.

You should definitely pay attention to this when buying a smartwatch:

Samsung Galaxy Watch: will the price drop further?

The Galaxy Watch shows how it's done, the new Galaxy Watch 3 will imitate it. The price of the new Samsung smartwatch is likely to continue to fall in the coming months - all products from the smartphone giant seem to share this fate.

Looking for an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? These models are particularly popular in Germany:

Black Friday is also just around the corner in a few months. At that point, the price of the smartwatch is likely to hit a new record low. Should this happen, we will definitely inform you in good time.


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