Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is set to be launched alongside the Galaxy S22 series

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

We suspected that for a while ago, but early indications are that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series will be launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in early February.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets have been leaked multiple times lately. The new flagship smartphones, on the other hand, have been known for months. So, Samsung plans to launch its flagship smartphones and tablets at the same time. That makes perfect sense.

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra, there will also be the Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra. Even the naming schemes have been adjusted.

Samsung will offer the Galaxy Tab S8 and S8+ in variants with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB/256 GB storage. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, on the other hand, will be available with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM and 128GB/512GB of storage.

All three tablets will come with 120Hz displays, although the Galaxy Tab S8 won't come with an OLED display. The other two tablets will have an OLED display. Based on the information in the leaks, we can expect 11", 12.7" and 14.6" displays respectively.


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