Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could be delayed by three months

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra press photo

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be presented on February 9th. Nevertheless, it should take quite a while before users could hold it in their hands. Unfortunately, it looks like fans will have to wait another three months before they can get it.

According to a new information, Samsung hopes to sell more Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones than it can manufacture. The company believes it will struggle to keep up with demand. Therefore, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could be delayed by three months.

The informant bases this statement on an optimistic assumption by Samsung. We don't know if these speculations will come true or not. But that already suggests that there will probably not be enough models on the market at the start.

As I said, you have to wait and see, this information has not been confirmed by Samsung either. Nevertheless, the demand for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could really be significantly higher than for its predecessor, especially because it will be the indirect successor to the Galaxy Note.


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