Samsung Galaxy S22, Plus and Ultra: The prices will tumble so quickly

Samsung Galaxy S22, Plus and Ultra: The prices will tumble so quickly

Samsung will introduce the new Galaxy S22 smartphones on February 9th. A lot of information has already been leaked, including the prices of the individual models. Based on this information, the experts from the price comparison portal Idealo carried out an analysis of how quickly prices will fall. You won't have to wait long.

Samsung Galaxy S22, Plus and Ultra: Prices are falling relatively quickly

Samsung smartphones are not exactly known for being relatively stable in price. Even in the chip crisis, you can get new smartphones much cheaper after a short time. You just have to be patient for a certain amount of time. Idealo has calculated the expected price drop for the new Galaxy S22 smartphones . Here the price should also fall relatively quickly, as you can see on the chart:

Just one month after the market launch, the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra are said to be noticeably cheaper. The Ultra model in particular, which is to be sold at prices starting at 1,249 euros, will experience a sharp drop in price in the first few weeks . Idealo assumes 18 percent here, so that you only have to pay just over 1,000 euros. After that, the fall in prices weakens somewhat.

With the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, which is to be sold from 1,049 euros, it is worth waiting a little longer . Here the price should fall by a full 25 percent within three months, so that you quickly end up noticeably below 800 euros. The price of the normal Galaxy S22 from 849 euros also falls, but it is not as extreme as with the more expensive models. Here the price falls rather slowly. Optimally, you should wait at least three months to take the first big discount.

Samsung merges two Samsung smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy S22, Plus and Ultra: all the details leaked

All details about all three Galaxy S22 smartphones have been leaked recently. This includes the design, the colors and technical data. Samsung will certainly not be happy about this, because the surprise effect is already gone. The final presentation will then take place on February 9, 2022.


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