Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Bad news for buyers

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Bad news for buyers

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is here: The new "Fan Edition" is cheaper than the standard model, but not a bargain either. However, anyone who speculates on a noticeable drop in prices within a very short period of time will likely be disappointed.

The Galaxy S21 FE was a long time coming. After what felt like countless delays, Samsung has now officially presented the new smartphone. With a price of 749 euros for the 128 GB version, the Fan Edition costs significantly less at its market launch than the regular Galaxy S21, which was launched for 849 euros - but the S21 FE is a real price-performance winner not really. That will hardly change in the coming months , say the experts from

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Noticeable drop in price only after 6 months

Experts at the price comparison portal rate the drop in prices as "rather hesitant" and refer to the direct predecessor, the Galaxy S20 FE. After three months it was only 10 percent cheaper. If there is a similar price development, so, the Galaxy S21 FE will be available four weeks after the market launch for around 705 euros. Three months later, a price of 675 euros can be expected and six months after the release, buyers can look forward to a price reduction of 26 percent compared to the RRP .

The price of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20, on the other hand, fell significantly faster. Just one month after the market launch, prices in online retail fell by an average of 23 percent.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE offers:

Samsung passes higher prices on to customers

This is of course bad news for buyers of the Galaxy S21 FE, but it shouldn't be too surprising in the context of a global chip crisis . Semiconductors and other components have become a rare commodity. Samsung passes the price increase on directly to the buyer, which is also reflected in the price of the Galaxy S21 FE: 749 euros are around 120 euros more expensive than its predecessor in its cheapest version.

So if you have your eye on the Galaxy S21 FE, you shouldn't hesitate and grab it (view it on Amazon). It will probably only get really cheaper in six months.


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