Samsung Galaxy S20: Huge software update to Android 12 is here

Samsung Galaxy S20: Huge software update to Android 12 is here

Samsung is really stepping on the gas and wants to distribute Android 12 as a major software update for its smartphones as soon as possible. The Galaxy S20 is now supplied in Germany.

Samsung will soon start with Android 12 update for Galaxy S20

Update from January 7th, 2021: All Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones in Germany will now receive the update to Android 12. The new software is huge. So you should download it via WiFi, back up your data beforehand and fully charge the cell phone.

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The Android 12 update has been available in a beta version for the Samsung Galaxy S21 for a long time. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 can also access Android 12 in the first countries. Now SamMobile reports that Samsung is already taking care of models from the previous year. Accordingly, the Galaxy S20 should soon be included in the beta .

There is no specific schedule for when Samsung will start beta for the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra. It is clear, however, that the development of the Android 12 update must go well . Otherwise Samsung would not want to integrate more and more smartphones. The final release of the Galaxy S21 is expected in a few weeks. Maybe in late November or early December. This could be followed by the latest folding smartphones and then perhaps the Galaxy S20 this year.

Samsung has a lot of work to do with Android 12, after all, Google has introduced a completely new interface with "Material You" , which the South Korean company has to reconcile with its One UI 4.0. Samsung had already confirmed that many of the elements would be adopted, but that they would be adapted to their own needs.

In the video , Samsung already shows what is possible with One UI 4.0:

Mid-range smartphones from Samsung also get Android 12

So far it gives the impression that Samsung would only equip top smartphones with Android 12 and One UI 4.0. That's not the case. Many other mid-range smartphones such as the Galaxy A52s 5G but also tablets are supplied with Android 12. It just takes a little longer because Samsung naturally focuses on the top models.


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