Samsung Galaxy A53: Approval authority gives the all-clear for equipment

Samsung Galaxy A53: Approval authority gives the all-clear for equipment

Samsung will soon be introducing the Galaxy A53, the successor to the Galaxy A52. A lot of information about improvements, but also some deteriorations are already known. However, one detail remained open - and that is now being resolved by an approval authority.

Samsung Galaxy A53: Power adapter is included

While Samsung is removing the power adapters from more and more smartphones and soon also tablets in the upper price segment in order to protect the environment, since everyone already has a power adapter anyway, this probably does not yet apply to the real bestsellers in the middle class. A Chinese regulatory authority has now confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy A53 5G will be delivered with a 15-watt power supply (source: Mysmartprice).

So if you buy the mid-range smartphone from Samsung, you won't have to buy an additional power supply. Somehow Samsung's strategy makes even less sense. If you want to protect the environment, you have to do without a power supply unit with all devices. Currently , Samsung penalizes buyers who buy a very expensive smartphone, while people who buy entry-level and mid-range phones continue to get all the accessories.

The best example of this is the Galaxy S21 FE that we recently tested. Samsung has really rationalized everything away here. There is no longer a protective film on the display, the power supply is missing and the small USB adapter is no longer included. Nevertheless, one asks for it 749 euros. With the Galaxy A53 5G, which will probably cost around 400 euros , a lot is still included in the scope of delivery. You have to understand that first.

The current model from Samsung is also convincing:

Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 without power supply

So while the new Galaxy A53 comes with a power adapter, the upcoming Galaxy S22 smartphones and Galaxy Tab S8 tablets will not. This was clear with the top smartphones, but only recently became known with the tablets.


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