Practical trick for Android smartphones makes soccer fans happy

Practical trick for Android smartphones makes soccer fans happy

Android smartphones are known for their versatility and can come up with some functions that one would not suspect at first glance. xiaomist shows a practical trick that will always keep you up to date and which should inspire football fans in particular.

Football is by far the most popular sport in the world. According to Statista, there are more than four billion football fans around the world. Interest is particularly high in top games - too stupid if you can't watch the spectacle. In order to always be informed about the event, Google has come up with a clever feature for Android smartphones: a pinned score.

Football fans with Android smartphones: the pinned score provides information

To do this, you simply have to enter the corresponding game in the Google search and then tap on "Pin the game". A mini-window then opens, which is placed on the screen and informs about the current score with goal difference. Another tip on the window allows you to see additional information, for example which players scored goals. The window disappears again via "Remove". The following screenshots show how this looks in practice:

In terms of design, the whole thing is reminiscent of the chat heads of the Facebook Messenger, but is much less conspicuous due to the small size. With this function, soccer fans can chat with Android smartphones, watch videos or do a lot of other things and still follow the score of their favorite team at the same time - a practical feature.

These apps should not be missing on any Android phone:

Google is missing out on new search features on Android phones

In the past few years, Google has continued to widen the search for Android phones - also and above all with regard to sports, especially soccer. Users can follow teams, get information about tables and fixtures, receive relevant news and statistics and much more. Anyone who owns an Android smartphone and is a soccer fan should not miss these functions.


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