"Post & DHL" app: Thanks to a new function, you ll always be in the know

Users of the Post & DHL app can look forward to a practical function these days. It should be available on iPhones and Android smartphones with the next update to version 8.0. App users will then be informed about upcoming letters anytime and anywhere.

Post & DHL: Announcements of letters are being used in the app

With the next update, users of the Post & DHL app will now have a new function: the notification of the letter will appear on the smartphone, based on the well-known model of the notification of parcels. App users can thus find out in advance whether and when they will receive mail.

The service goes beyond mere information: Users can also receive a digital photo of their letter so that they know directly what is on the way to them. An image of the envelope is automatically created in the postal sorting centers, but the letter is not opened (source: Deutsche Post DHL Group). The procedure is harmless in terms of data protection and security.

Version 8.0 of the Post & DHL app will be distributed in the coming days, including the new function. However, it cannot be used immediately, registration is required beforehand. Interested customers can do this directly in the app. A letter will then be sent by post to verify the address on file. Once it has been activated, you can start.

Digital copy of letters only for GMX and WEB customers

Some customers have been able to use the function in this form since summer 2020. If you have an e-mail inbox at WEB.de or GMX, you could have notifications of letters displayed. However, one function remains exclusive: the digital copy of the content of the letter is reserved for WEB and GMX customers. If desired , the letter can be opened before delivery and sent as a PDF by e-mail. A few days later, the original is found in the mailbox.

Sending parcels is also no problem with Post & DHL, here are tips for shipping:

With this step, Post and DHL want to further expand the app into a central customer portal. Various functions are now possible, such as buying stamps and live tracking in addition to broadcast announcements. It will become indispensable for customers who actively use Packstations.


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