Pixel 6a is coming: Next Google phone spotted - in a coloring book

Pixel 6a is coming: Next Google phone spotted - in a coloring book

A third smartphone has been added to the Pixel 6 series. Google has confirmed in a curious way that they are already working on a Pixel 6a. The mobile phone is mentioned by name in a coloring book. It could hit the market in May 2022.

Google Pixel 6a: coloring book confirms existence

Google enthusiasts can join the official Pixel Superfans group in the US. Members receive smaller gifts from time to time and are thus kept in a good mood. Now Google has sent its superfans a little coloring book - and more or less accidentally announced the Pixel 6a . It is said that the smartphone for coloring is on pages six to seven of the coloring book. In fact, the Pixel 6a is only listed in the table of contents (source: Droid Life).

It is at least clear that Google wants to expand the Pixel 6 series. As with its predecessors, the A suffix on the Pixel 6a should be an indication that it is a slightly slimmed down version . Google's Tensor chip, which can be found in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, is said to be present in the Pixel 6a as well, according to initial reports. So the cell phone will probably not lack the necessary performance.

At the moment, only Google itself knows exactly how the Pixel 6a will differ from the Pixel 6 (Pro). Rumor has it that compromises will have to be made with the camera . The Sony sensor that was already used in the Pixel 3 to 5a is said to be installed here. The IMX363 allows photos with up to 12.2 MP. The prominent camera bar on the back does not have to be dispensed with. Just like the Pixel 6, selfies should be possible with 8 MP.

This is what the Pixel 6 does:

Pixel 6a: Presentation in May 2022?

According to information from a leaker, Google could officially introduce the Pixel 6a in May 2022. In addition to the mobile phone, the Pixel Watch smartwatch could also be unveiled at the Google I/O event .


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