Pixel 6 Pro: New Google phone badly done in front of an audience of millions

Pixel 6 Pro: New Google phone badly done in front of an audience of millions

Google won't like that. A well-known YouTuber with millions of followers has publicly exposed the new Pixel 6 Pro. Having previously been able to recommend the new Google phone at the price, he has changed his mind and is now back to a Samsung phone. This also corresponds to my experiences.

Google Pixel 6 Pro has many problems and bugs

Google launched the Pixel 6 Pro in late October 2021 and received a lot of positive feedback. The Google cell phone also performed well in my test. Over time, however, the Pixel 6 Pro became more conspicuous. The smartphone seems to be getting slower and slower. More and more often I have the feeling that the 120 Hz are not active everywhere. The camera app also often starts very slowly and sometimes direct triggering does not work. The lock screen has also taken on a life of its own. Sometimes it just doesn't lock for me, even though I pressed the power button. Then just open apps or make calls in your pocket. Really annoying. And that's exactly what Marques Brownlee has now made public in front of his audience of millions:

He withdraws his initial recommendation to buy the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Instead , he is switching back to a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for the time being (for testing). When asked, he goes into more detail:

Basically everything that every owner of the Google Pixel 6 Pro knows and is annoyed by. Especially since Google just can't get the problems under control .

The Google Pixel 6 has unique features:

Google Pixel 6 Pro still with November update

Typically, smartphone makers strive to quickly resolve issues that arise so that first-time buyers, who after all paid full price, are happy. This is currently not working for Google. Every Tuesday I hope that Google finally releases an update for the Pixel 6 Pro that fixes the problems. I still have the first version from November 2021 on it. The December update has been recalled due to more bugs being built into it . The January update has been postponed.

In my opinion, it should not be the case that a Pixel smartphone is two months behind other manufacturers in terms of monthly updates. Samsung has been distributing the January update for its smartphones for days. Google must finally solve the problems.


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