OnePlus: Will the new operating system be called "H2OOS" in the future?


In the middle of last year, OnePlus announced that it has officially become part of Oppo. It has been stated that the merger will be beneficial to both companies as they will combine their efforts in developing devices and software for them. The OxygenOS and ColorOS shells were "stitched together" on a common code base, with a promise to offer a unified operating system in the future.

When a unified firmware is expected to be released has not been announced, but we may already know its name. Now there are indications that the new firmware could be called H2OOS. Not long ago, the company applied for the "H₂OOS" trademark, which could potentially be the new name for the unified operating system that OnePlus could roll out to its devices with the Android 12 update with the global version (OxygenOS).

At the moment it is not yet clear whether the H2OOS firmware will only appear on OnePlus smartphones or also on Oppo devices. Nothing is known about the unified operating system itself.


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