Not just for e-bikes: this bicycle bell is a must for Apple users

Not just for e-bikes: this bicycle bell is a must for Apple users

Whether it's an expensive e-bike or a childhood bicycle worth remembering: your own bike needs to be properly protected from thieves. A new bicycle bell now makes this a little easier. But this is only for Apple lovers with an iPhone.

Even if bicycle thefts in Germany are slightly declining, according to the German insurance industry, around 145,000 bicycles were still stolen in 2020 (source: GDV). The best protection against theft is still a decent lock. But what if the thief has overcome this too? The "AirBell" could then provide a remedy here .

AirBell: Bicycle bell offers space for Apple's AirTags

It looks like a classic bicycle bell and works like one. Pedestrians and other road users are made aware of the approaching bicycle by a ringing sound. According to the manufacturer, the AirBell fulfills the road traffic regulations (StVO).

The practical use is hidden inside the bicycle bell: there is space for an Air Tag – Apple's coin-sized tracking device, which the US manufacturer introduced in April last year. A stolen bike could be easily located via the connected "Where is?" network.

Of course, bicycle thieves don't live on the moon either and should now be actively looking for an AirTag. A self-mounted AirTag, for example on the underside of the center bar or on the saddle, is easier to find and remove than a hidden AirTag in the bicycle bell - you have to figure that out first.

Here's how Apple's AirTags work:

Fits on any e-bike or bicycle

Thanks to the standard 22 mm connection , the bicycle bell made of extra-robust, fibre-reinforced plastic fits on any standard handlebar .

The AirBell costs 24.99 euros (an AirTag is not included). Not exactly cheap, but certainly worth every penny if the stolen bike is recovered as a result. The AirBell is currently sold out, but the manufacturer promises a 10 percent discount if you order it anyway. Delivery times should be two weeks (see AirBell at the manufacturer), shipping costs are not incurred within Germany and Austria.


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