New Xiaomi Freetie sneakers with thermal sole

Xiaomi is characterized by having a wide variety of interesting products, this time it presents its new smart shoes that keep your feet warm .


Xiaomi smart shoes that warm your feet

Xiaomi has the Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 4 , currently its best sneakers, this new model is more for walking or casual with some jeans, given its comfort and design .

  • Freetie sneakers are available for both men and women in various sizes!

These new shoes with thermal soles are ideal for the cold winter and you can control them from your mobile phone.

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To keep our feet warm, these shoes have several layers inside, including a graphene heat sheet , which we can control with our mobile phone and reach up to 43 degrees .

We can also "activate" the temperature of these shoes by pressing the button on the tongue .

  • If we press it without releasing it for 3 seconds, the shoes will start to heat up and after 30 minutes they will turn off .
  • If we double click on the button, the shoes will turn on and we will have to stop them manually.

xiaomi heated shoes

All this works thanks to an internal battery that has a 3,000mAh capacity and which we can charge through a USB type C connector that is next to the button on the same tongue of the shoe.

These slippers with heated soles not only warm your feet in winter, but also serve to dehumidify , thus avoiding problems with germs and bacteria inside the shoe.

Price and where to buy the Freetie thermal shoes

These new shoes can be found on Youpin, but in addition, we can already get them through Aliexpress with worldwide shipping for a price of €150.

  • There are models in black, white and multicolor, as well as different numbers for men and women.
See Xiaomi thermal slippers

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