Monthly terminable mobile phone contracts in comparison: An overview of the cheapest SIM-only tariffs

Monthly terminable mobile phone contracts in comparison: An overview of the cheapest SIM-only tariffs

If you are looking for a cheap, monthly cancellable mobile phone tariff, you should read on now. We have compared the most popular SIM-only tariffs with each other and reveal who offers the best price-performance ratio.

Update on January 3rd, 2022: has only reduced the price of its monthly cancelable allnet flat rates until January 4, 2022. All tariffs include a flat rate for telephony and SMS as well as LTE data volume with up to 50 Mbit / s: 4 GB for 4.44 euros (instead of 6.99 euros) per month 6 GB for 6.66 euros (instead of 12.99 euros ) per month 10 GB for 9.99 euros (instead of 22.99 euros) per month

With a 24-month term, the deployment price of 19.99 euros does not apply.

Committing to a cell phone provider for two years or more is not for everyone - especially because the prices for cell phone tariffs now change almost weekly. For those of you who want to remain flexible and are therefore looking for a mobile phone tariff that can be canceled on a monthly basis , the SIM-only tariffs that broadcast on the Telefónica network are an inexpensive alternative to long-term contracts.

Monthly cancellable mobile phone tariffs in comparison: cheap calls & surfing

We took a closer look at the flexible Drillisch tariffs from simplytel, winSIM, smartmobil, PremiumSIM and and compared them with each other. Depending on how much data volume you need, one or the other offer is more attractive in terms of price. The scope of services is otherwise similar: All mobile phone tariffs listed in the table below include LTE data volumes of up to 50 Mbit / s, an all-network and SMS flat rate, and EU roaming . There are also the following advantages:

With every provider there is a change bonus for number portability of 6.82 euros. The deployment price is 19.99 euros. If the option "without contract term" is selected, the provision price does not apply.

Caution! The following offers are only valid for a short time:

Cheap mobile phone tariff offers in comparison: These options are available

With the Drillisch brands you basically have two options to choose from for all tariffs:

24 month term : You are bound to the tariff for at least 24 months. The notice period is 3 months. Without a contract term : You can terminate the contract at any time, but you also have a notice period of 3 months.

Switch to a cheap mobile phone offer and take your phone number with you: Here's how

If you change provider, you will receive a credit of 6.82 euros if you take your number with you. How you can easily port your number, you can see in this video.

Also interesting:

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