Marshall Minor III falling in price: Amazon is selling stylish AirPods alternatives cheaper than ever

Marshall Minor III falling in price: Amazon is selling stylish AirPods alternatives cheaper than ever

Amazon currently has the Marshall Minor III wireless headphones on sale at the best price. If you are looking for a stylish AirPods alternative with good sound, you can confidently strike here. xiaomist has the details.

Marshall Minor III for less than 100 euros at Amazon

Amazon is currently offering the new Marshall Minor III for 99.90 euros, making the wireless headphones with a rocking design cheaper than ever before. The powerful-sounding true wireless earbuds are reminiscent of Apple's AirPods in terms of appearance, because they have no silicone or foam attachments for the auricles. The advantage is clear: the wearing comfort is much more open, since the ear is not completely closed. In addition, you also get something of your environment. Of course, one's earcups must be compatible with this AirPod-like design.

But if they fit well, they really let it rip. The rich sound was already fully convincing in the previous model and is particularly popular with fans of rock and pop music. The ribbed decorative elements on the housing look chic and reflect the classic Marshall amp look.

The earbuds last 5 hours at a time, if you have the included charging box with you even up to 25 hours. A microphone is also built in so that in combination with the touch elements on the earphones you can not only control your music but also take calls.

The technical details of the Marshall Minor III at a glance:

True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.2 up to 5 hours of battery life in one go, a total of 25 hours with charging case up to 10 meters Bluetooth range touch controls on the earphones splash-proof frequency range: 20 to 20,000 Hz maximum level: 93 dB (179 mV @ 1 kHz) impedance : 32 Ohm including charging box and USB-C charging cable

You can find out more about in-ear headphones and earbuds in this article:


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