LibreOffice gets a new language: Star Trek fans will love it

LibreOffice gets a new language: Star Trek fans will love it

With version 7.3, the LibreOffice office collection has actually been expanded to include Klingon. The constructed language from the Star Trek universe is said to have a normal spelling correction so that typed texts to the Klingons arrive correctly.

LibreOffice 7.3 introduces Klingon language

The free and open source program collection LibreOffice already supports many earthly languages . Now it seems that Klingon will be added to the 115 existing ones. Text can be written in the language of the Star Trek universe, checked for spelling mistakes and formatted automatically. In addition to the Latin letters of the language, the imaginary Klingon symbols can also be inserted.

Klingon will not only be available in the Word equivalent of Writer , but also in other programs such as the Excel alternative Calc. In the future, presentations with LibreOffice Impress can also be written in the Klingon language (source: LibreOffice 7.3 Community).

As early as summer 2021, a LibreOffice user cited the lack of support for Klingon as a "bug" . The dictionary he then created will actually make it into the upcoming version of LibreOffice. According to him, Klingon is "one of the most popular constructed languages ​​in the world." The Star Trek language has already made it into the ISO 639-2 language code.

In the video you can see what has recently changed in LibreOffice:

Interslavic: LibreOffice 7.3 with another planned language

Much more of this world, but still planned on the drawing board like Klingon, is the interslavic language. This also comes with LibreOffice 7.3. Interslavic has existed since 2006 and is intended to connect speakers of different Slavic languages . In addition to Latin letters, "Slovianski" also has Cyrillic letters, which is why the planned language in LibreOffice is divided into "Interslavic Latin" and "Interslavic Cyrillic".


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