Lenovo takes on Xiaomi with a very special high-end smartphone

Lenovo takes on Xiaomi with a very special high-end smartphone

There are many Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Co. want to conquer the European market. With Lenovo, another manufacturer has now been added, which previously flew under the radar, but is now more and more noticeable with exciting products. A new smartphone could provide the breakthrough.

Lenovo "Halo" Legion: Gaming smartphone with a normal design

Xiaomi currently offers the most powerful gaming smartphone in the world. But the Black Shark 4S Pro also looks like a gaming smartphone. Not everyone likes that, Lenovo also thought so and is planning a high-end smartphone from the Legion Gaming series with the "Halo", which looks like a normal cell phone . Professional leaker Evan Blass not only published a picture, but also the specifications:

6.67" 144Hz POLED display Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 8/12/16GB RAM 128/256GB internal storage 50MP triple camera 5,000mAh battery with 68W charging

Despite being a gaming smartphone , it will look like a regular phone:

With the new processor, this Lenovo smartphone could dethrone Xiaomi and become the fastest cell phone – if the Chinese company puts its mind to it. A best value is often achieved in benchmarks, which can never be called up in actual use. Nevertheless, Lenovo will show what the company can really do with this smartphone. A 144 Hz display has hardly been available on normal cell phones so far. Lenovo would have a big advantage here.

Lenovo has implemented many more crazy ideas:

Lenovo develops special gaming tablet

In addition to the Legion smartphone, Lenovo is also developing a Legion tablet with a very special display. It has a 21:10 aspect ratio, which allows you to see more of the game and effectively gives you an advantage. So Lenovo responds to the needs of the users instead of just developing any new products that then have no positive effect. This means that Lenovo could become one of the most interesting manufacturers this year - if the devices also come to us and are not only reserved for China.


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