Lenovo develops a special Android tablet with a decisive advantage

Lenovo develops a special Android tablet with a decisive advantage

Lenovo is known for turning unusual ideas into new products. Just a few days ago, the Chinese company presented the ThinkBook Plus, an ultra-wide notebook that is even equipped with a second display. The upcoming gaming tablet with Android is going a similar way, which brings an important advantage when playing.

Lenovo Legion Y700: Gaming tablet with a 21:10 display

Most tablets on the market have a screen with an aspect ratio of 16:10, 16: 9, or 3: 2. This may work when watching videos and reading, but when you play games you want to see more. That is why Lenovo is expanding the Legion Y700 gaming tablet. Instead of a 16:10 display , a 21:10 display is installed , which is supported by certain games such as Honor of Kings or League of Legends. Lenovo likes to compare this tablet with the new iPad mini 6.

Instead of reducing the size of the game and seeing black bars or simply showing a smaller section, the Legion Y700 from Lenovo can use the entire screen, as it supports the game's native aspect ratio. You simply have an advantage in the game because you can see more directly. You can see how big the difference is in the graphic below:

As a processor, Lenovo will use a Snapdragon 870 for the Legion Y700, which should have enough power to drive the high-resolution display at 120 Hz . At 8.8 inches, the tablet is nice and handy, so you can play well with it. There is also a 3.5 mm jack and there are two speakers that should provide decent sound.

The iPad mini 6 is likely to be Lenovo's most important opponent:

Lenovo Legion Y700: No presentation date yet

It is currently not known when Lenovo will present the Legion Y700 and whether it might also find its way to Germany. With these specifications and an attractive price, it would be an interesting option, especially since there are hardly any Android tablets available in this size.


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